Is business coaching right for me and my business?

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to visit ActionCOACH Salisbury.  We appreciate your time and hope that you find the information that you need to make an informed decision about whether you and your business can benefit from the challenge, support and guidance of an experienced business coach and mentor.

To help you understand a bit more about what business coaching is and how you can choose the right level of support for your situation we’ve made a short video (below) to outline some of the main options that we provide for small business owners and their teams to access the learning, strategies and systems you need to succeed.

Deciding to work with a business coach is an important decision and can make a dramatic difference to your business results.  So after you’ve watched the video and read the rest of the content here, why not book a call to have a quick chat and ask any other questions that you wish?  Just click the book a call button and follow the instructions.

If none of the options below fit your needs then I’d definitely recommend a call to discuss – everything can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements.

Business Coaching Options

Group Coaching

We want every business owner to be able to access the right level of support and guidance they need – when they need it – to help them build a brilliant business.

Typically we work with business owners on a regular basis – anything from weekly to monthly or even quarterly – one on one or in small (and large) groups.

Our quarterly group coaching programme is called GrowthCLUB and it’s focused on helping you (and your leadership team if you have one) put together a clear, succinct and measurable success plan every 90 days.  You’ll see dramatic improvements in productivity and performance when you learn and apply what we teach at GrowthCLUB.

Our monthly group coaching programme is called BookCLUB.  It’s designed for solopreneurs, start-ups and sole traders who want to stat developing their business education in parallel with building their first business.  Typically the books we cover will be focused on the elements of MASTERY that we teach in our 6 steps model – aimed at helping you build the foundations of a commercial, profitable, enterprise that works without you.  MASTERY is all about 4 mainthings: having a clear Destination, good Time Management, Consistent Product or Service Delivery and a solid grasp of your business Financials.  BookCLUB can be virtual to save travelling time or in person – to add community and networking to your learning.  We’ll usually pick a friendly pub to have a drink and a bite to eat and share our learnings from each month’s reading together before agreeing actions for the coming month.

Fortnightly group coaching for smaller businesses comes in two main forms: ProfitCLUB and ActionCLUB.

At ProfitCLUB we teach and implement practical marketing and sales strategies to get YOU more customers, stronger, more-repeatable cashflow, and more PROFIT – so you can begin to build a TEAM and get more TIME to spend with your family and friends.  Typically, we’ll teach a new strategy every month and meet in between times for peer accountability to share what’s working and help you make progress quicker and easier that through individual trial and error.

At ActionCLUB we focus more on the other elements of the 6 steps model and improve the quality of your markeing and sales machinery; develop the SYSTEMS to allow you to scale up without damaging your profitability, and start buidling a world-class TEAM to operate the systems in your business that keep your customers coming back for more and referring their friends.  ActionCLUB meets fortnightly and is perfect for businesses with 1 or 2 Directors and up to 20 staff.  We have businesses in ActionCLUB around the world with multi-million turnovers; it’s a powerful programme and one that’s guaranteed to help you build a better, more profitable business.

The Group coaching programmes are ideal for future leaders in your business and section or functional heads.  The broad and practical business knowledge they will learn from our programmes will improve their capacity, capability, productivity and commercial awareness – helping your business to grow and prosper.

We can also provide full-day and half-day training on particular subjects and run bespoke workshops and courses for your people and businesses.

One-on-One Coaching

The majority of our customers are coached weekly or fortnightly on a one-to-one basis.  This provides them with bespoke access to the complete 6 steps system as and when they require it – whereas ActionCLUB follows a syllabus and order over a rolling one-year programme.  The coaching sessions last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your needs and how many people are in the session.  So a board session with 4 directors might last 2 to 4 hours and one or two directors might get everything they need in a half-hour or one-hour session.  In addition to the coaching session our customers invest up to 4 hours of their own time progressing their priorities each week in accordance with their Alignment and 90 day plan for the quarter.  The coaching here is focused on MINDSET and SKILLSET and develops you to become a complete business owner. capable of building any kind of business in any market – if you choose to do so.

Executive Coaching is typically for employees within someone else’s business.  These high-performers might be looking for some feedback and support to help them get better results within a new role; help them manage interpersonal challenges with others, or provide a confidential sounding board and accountability partner to keep them working at their best without burning out.  Sometimes individuals come to us directly and self-fund their personal development.  On other occassions the business or someone from the Human Resources/People function helps them to access additional support from outside the business – and the business funds the coaching.

How Much Is Business Coaching?

Group Coaching Options

  • BookCLUB is £100 pcm plus VAT
  • ProfitCLUB is £195 a month plus VAT
  • ActionCLUB is £495 pcm plus VAT (up to 2 Directors)
  • GrowthCLUB (90 day planning for growth) is sold as a one-year package of 4 events at £1100 plus VAT.  (Ask about payment options).

Ask about our ActionMEMBERS Programme – launching soon…

One-to-one coaching Options

  • One Director, Fortnightly Coaching(2 hrs pcm) is £995 plus VAT per month
  • One Director, Weekly Coaching (4 hrs pcm) is £1495 plus VAT per month
  • Two Directors, Fortnightly Coaching (3 hrs pcm) is £1995 plus VAT per month
  • Two Directors, Weekly Coaching (4 – 6 hrs pcm) is £2995 plus VAT per month
  • Weekly Coaching for up to 4 people ranges from £2495 to £5000 plus VAT per month

Executive Coaching is priced differently because it is typically a task and finish assignment over several months and usually ties directly to a clear Return on Investment.

Your Alignment

To make sure you and your business gets the most benefit from any one-to-one coaching programme, we always start with Your Alignment.  Your Alignment is a half-day or full-day session where we get really clear about WHY you are in (this) business, WHAT you want and need the business to give you, WHEN your business is going to be “finished” and what that looks like; and HOW you’re going to get there.

The Alignment is a powerful process and it’s charged separately from the coaching programmes.  Your Alignment will be between £995 plus VAT and £1995 plus VAT (more for larger teams and businesses over one or even two days).

Group Coaching clients within ActionCLUB can access a Mini-Alignment process to get claer on the particular strategies they wish to implement each year and what outcomes they want and need to achieve through the programme.

Please email or call if you have any other questions.

To your success,