Business Growth Coach Brad Wright |ActionCOACH

Horizon scanning for changes to the legislative environment is a business as usual activity for established Salisbury Accountancy firm Fawcetts LLP who have been in business for almost a century and build a strong reputation in central Salisbury over 50 years.  But the sudden lockdown imposed by the government in March forced an acceleration of plans to adopt remote working tools and technologies to ensure the firm could continue to support customers during a particularly busy period.

One of the key challenges – that of keeping abreast of changing government rules, regulations and financial support – was eased through subscription to an aggregator service that captured and interpreted large volumes of information and presented it to the firm in a format that could be emailed out to clients via a suitable customer relationship management system and mailing programme.

Navigating the ancient building’s narrow corridors proved somewhat more of a challenge once lockdown began to ease and a one-way system, supported by additional signage and staff communications allowed increasing numbers of staff to safely return to work and enjoy some camaraderie after weeks of isolation at home.

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