Work Smarter

Build the teams and systems you need to make your business reliable, profitable, agile, lean and consistent.

Earn More

Create and dominate a profitable niche; deliver double digit margins and exponential growth, year on year.

Retire Better

Attract serious investors, ready to buy your systemised, successful, turn-key business for higher multiples.

A Highly-Profitable, Fast-Growing, Systemised Business You Can Sell

When you build a commercial, profitable, enterprise that can work without you, investors will pay a premium for it.

•   Attract, develop & retain top talent

•   Consistently Excellent Customer Service

•   Set & Achieve Stretching Goals

•   Repeatable, Exponential Annual Growth

•   Deliver On-Time, On-Quality – Every Time

•   Attract Better Buyers & Sell For More

•   Better Employee Engagement & Productivity

•   Enjoy Owning Your Business without Working In it


“Our whole team has got behind the 5-Ways strategies and our profits have just taken off!”

“I was extremely sceptical before we hired our coach – now I wish I’d done it ten years’ earlier.”


Get on the Proven Pathway to Increased Business Success

1.  Book a call and discover the opportunities in your business.

2.  Choose a flexible, tailored programme that fits your budget and other constraints.

3.  Build a brilliant business that works – so you don’t have to.




“The biggest difference having a coach has made is the clarity it’s given us as a team.  We now know what to do in what order to get the best results from our business and our team.”

“The value of my business has doubled during the past year and I can now take regular family holidays without constantly checking email and worrying about what’s going on at the office.”

“I didn’t think business coaching could work for us, but the results really speak for themselves.  Give it a try!”

Try Coaching for FREE!

Book your gifted coaching sessions today and see if coaching is the right fit for you and your business.

Being in business should give you more life – not a job. 

•   Build a Valuable Business You Can Sell

•   Make an Impact and Leave a Legacy

•   More Predictable Sales and Profits.

•   Increased Freedom and Control.

•   Less Hassle, Firefighting and Stress



Meet Your Coach

Brad Wright is a Certified Business Growth specialist with over 30 years’ diverse P&L management experience: delivering double-digit growth and transformational improvement in complex, multi-national organizations.

A professional Chartered Engineer and former Royal Navy Weapons Engineer Officer, Brad grew up in Northumberland but now lives 20 minutes from Stonehenge in the South West of England.

Brad is a keen ultramarathon trail runner, martial artist, bluegrass musician and sailor.  He’s married to Deborah and has two grown up kids at University.



Book Your place at our next FREE Business Growth Seminar

Network with other local, small business owners and learn the secrets to building a profitable, sustainable and saleable, business that works without you.

- Discover how to take back control of your TIME
- Learn how to create an unlimited marketing budget and constant lead flow
- Turn your business into a reliable, exponentially growing cash machine
- Find out why you need a USP and Guarantee - and how to create yours!
- Uncover the secrets of finding, hiring and retaining a brilliant TEAM
- See how systems will set you free - and multiply the value of your business

It’s no secret, Coaching improves Performance and Results…

            • Increased Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility in your business.

            • Dominate your Market and create a Profitable Niche.

            • Build a Strong Pipeline and Faster Sales Cycle.

            • Get More Profit. More Time. Better Results



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