Work Smarter

Build a world-class team and business that works without you

Earn More

Stop competing on price and increase profitability year on year

Retire Better

Scale up and sell your systemised, turn-key business for higher multiples

Is your business growing too quickly – or maybe a bit stuck?

•   You’re working too many hours?

•   Constant fire-fighting?

•   Missing revenue and profit goals?

•   Running out of working capital?

•   Patchy customer service and delivery?

•   Losing margin and increasing costs?

•   Hard to find and keep great people?


“We’ve made it this far – maybe it’s not worth the risk?   Are we good enough?”

“If we don’t fix this fast we might not last the year.  So much has changed – where to we start?”

“I really want to sell the business and retire but I don’t know how – or I’d hoped to get more for all these years of stress and toil…”



Get on the proven pathway to Guaranteed Business Success

1.  Schedule a Discovery call

2.  Learn how to transform your business

3.  Get started




“Business coaching has made such a huge difference to my business and my life.”

“The value of my business has doubled again during the past year and we’re now able to take regular family holidays without constantly checking email and worrying about the team.”

“I didn’t think business coaching could work for me, but the results really speak for themselves.  I wish I’d started sooner!”

Being in business should give you more life.  Don’t waste yours.

•   Financial Freedom and Security

•   Ideal Family Holidays and Fun

•   A £Multi-Million Business You Can Sell

•   Make an Impact, Leave a Legacy



Find Business Success Faster with an Experienced Coach

95% of business owners lose sight of their dreams; buried in the daily grind and tossed about by the winds of change.   Without a clear destination, you’re always off-track.  You and your family deserve better after what you’ve risked and sacrificed to be in business.   Don’t settle for less.  Build a world-class profitable business that works for you.  Live your best life, and leave a legacy for your family.  All it takes is one call.



Meet Your Coach

Brad Wright is a Certified Business Growth specialist with over 30 years’ diverse P&L management experience: delivering double-digit growth and transformational improvement in complex, multi-national organizations.

A professional Chartered Engineer and former Royal Navy Weapons Engineer Officer, Brad grew up in Northumberland but now lives 20 minutes from Stonehenge in the South West of England.

Brad is a keen ultramarathon trail runner, martial artist, bluegrass musician and sailor.  He’s married to Deborah and has two grown up kids at University.



Discover The 6 Steps to Business Success

Join Brad for this life-changing business workshop and learn the secrets to building a profitable, sustainable and saleable, business that works without you.

- Uncover the 4 foundations of business MASTERY
- Learn the 5 Ways to guarantee predictable, revenues and profits
- Find out why you need a USP and Guarantee - and how to create yours!
- Understand when and who to hire for maximum impact
- See how systems will set you free - and multiply the value of your business